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Yes! We highly recommend the use of non-slip rug pads. There are many benefits to using a rug pad for both hard surfaces such as wood, tile concrete and soft surfaces like carpeting. Rug pads allow you to:

1. Keep the rug firmly in place with no slippage

2. Provide an extra layer of cushion, which some may prefer especially under very close pile rugs

3. Reduce friction on the surface of the rug which can reduce shedding, especially on wool pile rugs

The images we display have the most accurate colors

depictions possible. However, since many of our items are handmade and are uniquely created by local artisan's colors and patterns may differ!

In some instances, it is also important to note that patterns may vary according to size as well.

Since we source from various vendors to provide our customers with the best quality and value possible, you may see a variation of up to 5% of the published dimensions for your rug. This happens across the industry however, if you do have any questions please contact!

Yes, don't worry! It's normal for new rugs to shed and would not be considered defective.

Depending on the weave type of your area rug and where it is being used, it may continue to shed over the span of its lifetime.

Here are some tips to help prevent shedding:

Lightly vacuum your rug regularly, going with the grain of the pile and not against it.

Do not use a heavy beater bar or use the vacuum on the setting closest to the ground

Use a rug pad to further protect the rug

If possible, move it to a low traffic area